TeamDK Christmas Labels 
Here's a quick and easy Christmas label project. This is what you'll need...
- Some old style tags 
- A to/from stamp (this is optional) 
- An ink stamp pad (again optional)
- Some metallic pens 
My design is just a guide. I wanted to make some (sort of) handmade labels this year, and I'll be using these with some stag wrapping paper and vintage string (I'll be posting pictures of my wrapped presents Christmas eve). Go wild with your labels. I wanted to keep mine as simple as possible, to ensure they wouldn't clash with my chosen wrapping paper. This will add a fabulous handmade touch to your gifts this year. 
As you may have noticed... I didn't have a wooden stamp block, so instead I stuck the stamp to an old tupperwear lid.
And here are my finished labels... pretty simple, but I like them. Have fun making yours. 
Posted by K.

Team DK-oupage Letters by K...
We love a joint craft project, so on one of our days off this week we headed over to HobbyCraft to get some craft inspiration. We saw all kinds of neat stuff, but decided to try a little decoupage. The only problem is... HobbyCraft is way over priced!!! So, like aways we headed over to the Range. The Range doesn't have the best selection of craft supplies, but it had everything we needed for this project. We picked up some decoupage paper (£2.99) and a couple of cardboard letters (£1 each).

Here's what we used for the project...
- 2 x cardboard letters
- 2 x old soft paint brushes 
- Decoupage paper 
- PVA Glue 

We decided on a cute music themed paper for our letters.
Step 1. We cut our paper up into small random shapes ready for gluing. 

Step 2. We painted a thin layer of glue onto the areas where we wanted to stick the paper. We then painted another thin layer of PVA glue over the top of the paper to ensure it was secure. 

Step 3. We repeated this process until one whole side of the letter was fully covered. We left our letters to dry for around 15 minutes, flipped them over and repeated the process. 

Here are both mine and D's letters fully covered and dry. The entire process took around 45 minutes (includes drying time). 

Have fun making your very own decoupage letters. 
Posted by K.

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